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Data transfer

To copy data, we offer our own server This allows you to use protocols such as scp, sftp, rsync or git. However, no interactive sessions can be created.

The amount and type of files you have access to when you connect to this machine depend on where you connected from. If you connect from within the TechFak network, you have access to your entire home directory and all volumes. However, if you connect from outside the TechFak network, you only have access to your remotedirectory and selected volumes.


Using a VPN connection, e.g. TechFak VPN, always allows access to the complete home/directory


Access files.techfak.deis achieved using the TechFak username and login password.

within TechFak network

Within the TechFak network, your $HOME directory on is your usual one like on any other Netboot machine, i.e. /homes/juser.

outside TechFak network

When connecting from outside the TechFak network to, your $HOME directory is your remote directory and you do not have access to your regular home directory. Additionally, the remote directory is mounted in the usual location, e.g. /media/remote/juser.